To everyone involved

Thank you!

We truly could not have done it without your help. Thank you for reinforcing the support that our community has for the Calgary Police Service.

Calgary Police Officer helping children at the Calgary Stampede
  1. Write a message of appreciation

    Maybe you had an interaction with a Calgary Police Service member that you would like to thank them for, or maybe you’d just like to show your support? Regardless, we need your help to let the members of the Calgary Police Service know what they mean to Calgarians. It is our hope that these messages – long or short – uplift all CPS members and provide hope in times of darkness.

  2. Donate

    Calgary Police Youth Foundation

    Through education, prevention, early intervention and risk reduction strategies, the Calgary Police Youth Foundation works side-by-side with the Calgary Police Service to keep children and youth safe from crime and victimization. By choosing to support the Calgary Police Youth Foundation, you are directly supporting the work that CPS members do every day.

Murray McCann picture for quote
I have always been a supporter of law and order and feel fortunate that I was able to raise my children in Calgary, a city that espoused law and order and because of a proud police force was able to deliver it. As Calgary evolves and, because of changes to our major industry, reinvents itself, we must assure that those institutions and things that made us great in the first place remain intact and are celebrated. The Calgary Police Service is such an institution.

J. Murray McCann

Co-Founder of Beacons of Hope and 1885 Society

Jackson McDonough picture for quote
In a time where negativity dominates headlines, I’m challenging Calgarians to choose positivity. I want to inspire hope where it is needed most, and deserved most, and right now, it is needed in our CPS community. It is our mission that The Beacons of Hope inspires Calgarians to reflect, engage, and acknowledge the sacrifice that our CPS members make to keep us safe, every day. Let’s inspire change with positivity, and let’s start with a well earned “thank you”!

Jackson McDonough

Co-Founder of Beacons of Hope and 1885 Society